Ethiopian Worka Wuri Natural


Arabica / Light-Medium roast/ Ethiopia / Natural/ Aromas of apricot, yellow fruits and black tea

Balance: 5
Fruitfulness: 10
Bitterness: 3

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Gedeb Woreda (zone) is a known secret among coffee professionals who know Ethiopia well. Bordering with Yirgacheffe, to its South, it’s name – high altitude gold – definitely fits; at first we thought the “gold” refers to their spectacular coffee but, after visiting the place ourselves, we learnt (and agreed) that it actually refers to the cheerful and proud local people. 800 farmers, from a radius of 15 Km, bring their fruit to the station which – at peak season – employs 500 local workers. Only around 25% of these coffee cherries are processed as Natural (as opposed to washed) since it’s a longer and more expensive process and, happily, some of them are here right in front of you.