Your deserve the best Coffee at work

Work in an office but still want your Nahat Coffee experience? Now you can!

Coffee your way!

Nahat Coffee offers you tailor-made coffee solutions for your office or workplace.

We will work together resulting in finding the best coffee for each and every employee in your company.

Coffee Machine

We also offer various top-quality manual and automatic coffee machines to ensure everyone gets a perfect cup of coffee


Our coffee is specialty and direct trade meaning you know that people were paid fairly from farm to your cup. We believe that if we pay fair, we’ll receive the finest!

We offer more than one type of coffee ensuring everyone has a great cup each morning. If that doesn’t work, we will rotate blends/origins each month.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in Nahat Coffee for your office or workplace, we can help you. Any business can open an office account, providing they purchase a minimum of one kilo of coffee per month, and consent to our terms and conditions. To find out more about our wholesale and workplace solutions or to get started today, email us at