Special Edition: Laurina


Arabica / Anaerobic / Light roast / Red wine, black raspberries and red grapes

Datara has been researching the Arabica Laurina variety for 12 years. Using agronomic and genetic methods in their field of research, at the Boa Vista Experimental Farm, they were able to maximize the way the plant adapts to their terrain and help these tiny coffee bushes thrive. They now have lorina trees planted in several plots on their farm.

The Laurina variety (also known as Pointed Bourbon Bourbon Pointeu) is a genetic branching of the bourbon variety that originally comes from Reunion Island (formerly called Bourbon). Laurina contains 0.3-0.5% caffeine compared to regular Arabica which contains 1.4% caffeine, therefore there is less bitterness in coffee because the caffeine molecule is bitter in taste.

How poetic it was when Amy Pokhari won first place with Datara’s Laurina in 2018 at the Brewers World Championship held that year in Brazil at Belo Horizonte.

Since then the Laurina variety has become very famous in the specialty coffee world. It is expensive because when the supply is very low mainly because the coffee bushes of the Laurina variety are quite small and with a low yield relative to their size.

This smooth was processed using a natural anaerobic method with fermentation in sealed stainless steel tanks for 62 hours. After fermentation, the fruits finish drying on hanging nets for 15 days and finish drying in a controlled environment in a mechanical dryer.


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