Masterpiece: Worka Wuri Strawberry Natural

Warning: Not for consumption for those with a strawberry sensitivity!

Country: Ethiopia
Height: 2435
Area: Gadav – Warka Sakro
Varieties: Heirloom
Processing: Natural anaerobic
Flavor notes: blueberries, black grapes, lime, raspberries, cocoa and homemade grape fermentation.
Coffee: specialty
Direct Trade
SCA score 92
Balance: 6
Fruitfulness: 10

size: 200g

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The trend of anaerobic fermentation coffee processing (without the presence of oxygen) is gaining momentum worldwide. The idea is to use enzymes and microorganisms that exist naturally in other fruits and add them to those that are naturally present in coffee cherries in the fermentation process. Each organism breathes and produces energy in a specific metabolic process and the end result varies depending on the fruit we used.

The most beautiful coffee cherries are washed, sorted by hand and placed for anaerobic fermentation in large plastic containers along with strawberries. At the top of the tank there is a valve through which air bubbles are released out but new air cannot enter the tank. After 72 hours, spread the cherries in a single layer on outdoor nets for 22 days. During these three weeks the fruits are manually sorted every 5 hours, covering them from the strong mid-day sun and at night from the dew. The natural processing process at such a level of cleanliness requires intensive work and daily supervision of coffee and since it involves a lot of manpower, constant and close control and lots of extra work and generally produced in small portions (1200 kg in total) making it unattainable and priced accordingly. The end result has unique exotic taste profiles for the process, pursued by the best voices in the world, in addition to a particularly high capping score of 92! A rare and very unique experience.