Acaia Lunar Scale

Designed for the work tray of an espresso machine, Acaia Lunar™ has aesthetics and functionality for weighing needs in an espresso machine. This espresso scale is constructed from solid aluminum. The electronic parts inside and the LED display are water resistant to prevent water damage. With an extremely fast response time and high accuracy, you can achieve repeatability and consistency in the preparation of espresso. The scale has additional accessories such as a carrying bag, an extended weighing surface for the espresso handle or two cups at the same time.

In the package you will receive a heat protection surface as well as a 100G calibration weight.

2 year full warranty. See warranty conditions below.

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Warranty conditions:
The warranty for the product is for technical faults that were not caused by a fall, breakage, damage from unreasonable use or water penetration in the lower part of the weighing unit.
Do not wash the product with water, but only wipe with a damp cloth. In any case of water entering the internal assembly as a result of falling into a basin full of water, please turn off the scale and contact us for consultation.