Masterpiece: Daterra Brazil Naomi Anaerobic Maceration

Tags: Specialty, RFA, Direct Trade
Country: Brazil
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Height: 1150
Processing: Anaerobic Maceration
Varieties: Naomi
Flavors: cocoa toffee and tropical fruits
Cupping Score: 89

size: 200g

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A Daterra special coffee series straight from their experimental farm, Boa Vista, which is sold every year in an exclusive auction of special varieties employing innovative processing methods.

In this plot, only this experimental and lesser known variety – Naomi – is grown and processed using an anaerobic method (oxygen-free fermentation). In short, this process encourages an anaerobic environment for microorganisms – the whole fruits are fermented in a closed stainless steel container, which enables the production of very unique and accentuated flavor profiles in this coffee, such as toffee, cocoa and tropical fruits. We highly recommend trying this amazing result in filter and espresso, at home or at our cafes.