Colombia Quindio CH Wine Yeast & Strawberries

Arabica/Medium Roast/Colombia/Honey Process/Wine Yeast & Strawberry/Cherry, White Chocolate and Plum

Please Note: this coffee is experimental and has an intense taste profile.
Flavour: Delicate and enveloping cup with notes of blackberry, ripe cherry, winey, consistent, long residual, complex and consistent cup.

Balance: 6
Fruitfulness: 10
Bitterness: 3


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This coffee is processed using a combination of anaerobic fermentation and the honey method. First this coffee is put in a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation in plastic tanks where CO2 (to drive out the oxygen), wine yeast and fresh passion fruit pulp are added. The cherries are then de-pulped without washing and put in African beds keeping the temperature below 35°C until they reach the ideal humidity level. Some of the fruit remains on the bean. The remaining golden, sticky mucilage is reminiscent of honey, which is where the process gets its name.

One benefit to producers is that honey process uses less water. Allowing the fruit to dry on the bean means that it can be physically removed during milling rather than being washed off as is typical of washed coffees.

About The Region:
Pijao is a real hidden and little-known treasure of Quindio, is a small town located in the mountainous area of the Eje Cafetero, on the  central mountain range at 1,700 meters above sea level.
In the past Pijao was one of the epicenters of the armed conflict in Colombia. However, today Pijao is much calmer and is preparing to let the world know its beauty. Its culture is rich in architecture, dance and music. Now it is considered by many as a town of great beauty.