Ethiopian Gedeb Banko Gutiti Honey

Arabica/Light Roast/Ethiopia/Natural Process/yellow fruits, apricot jam, black tea and violets

Banko Gutiti is a washing station that brings together a collection of 800 farmers from the Gedeb area, which borders Yirgacheffe to the southeast.  Banko Gutiti is one of the stations we visited for the first time in 2019, we met the manager and employees of the station, picked coffee cherries in the coffee plantation adjacent to the station and watched the entire process that the coffee goes through until it is sent to us as coffee processed by the wet, natural and now honey (semi-washed) method.  We couldn’t help but be impressed by the amount of work needed to process coffee at the highest sorting level and Banko Gutiti, like all our Ethiopian coffees, do it excellently.

The manager of the station Bazuzu tells us about the logistics and the great responsibility involved in processing 2000 tons of coffee cherries per season, from which approximately 300 tons of green coffee (about 360 kg per farmer) are obtained for export.

Recently, a number of individual beds were added for honey processing and also for anaerobic processing (expect surprises).  When our friends informed us that they were making a new processing and sent us a sample, we admit that it was hard to resist and besides the coffee in the natural and washed processing, which you have already tasted, this year we also bought coffee in a honey processing.  Flavors of yellow fruits, apricot jam, black tea and violets with a medium-heavy body and a pleasant and long finish with high sweetness


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