Kenya Shishimai


Country: Kenya
Area: Nyeri
Height: 1750-1850m
Cupping score: 87
Variety: Arabica SL28 SL34
Roast: Light
Processing method: Washed
Acidity: Medium-high
Flavor profile: Green tea, Apricot, and Cherry

Balance: 7
Fruitfulness: 3
Bitterness: 7

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Brewing methods: This coffee has a medium-high pleasant acidity. We recommend making it both as a sour espresso and as a filter coffee.

The coffee is a particular plot from a series of coffee plots produced in a joint project by various growers who are members of the KCCE ‘Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters’.
Shishimai is the name of a star and each part is given the name of a different star from the Kenyan night sky. The coffee is grown in the Nyeri region on a high plateau near Mount Kenya. After careful manual picking of the coffee cherries that have ripened to an optimal level, the coffee cherries are taken to the Ichamama processing and washing station (from where we bought coffee in the past) for peeling, sorting and final drying. The various plots differ from each other in different characteristics, of which we chose the Shishimai plot because of the characteristics of the classic Kenyan taste that we love so much.