El Diviso Sidra Jhonatan Delgado Special Anaerobic

size: 200g
Country: Colombia
Region: Castilla, Pilalito, Huila
Producer: Jonathan Delgado Lasso Zuniga, El Diviso
Process: Natural Anaerobic with Thermal Shock and beer yeast
Variety: Bourbon Sidra
Altitude: 1750 meters
Tasting notes: Strawberries, Lichi, Cacao, Honey, hint of a winey finish

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The coffee that amazed the world, winning both Brewers and Barista in Australia 2022 Coffee Competitions and continued with Anthony Douglas taking this to the Worlds and winning the World Barista Champion 2022 title. This elegant Sidra varietal taken to the next level with exquisite processing done at Finca El Diviso by Jhonatan Delgado.

The process of this natural Sidra lot begins with a harvest at optimum maturity with brix degrees between 24 and 26. the coffee is introduced into plastic tanks for oxidation (48 hours)

After the lot goes through a water tank to separate defects in 50 deg. Water and left to soak. After soaking the cherries undergo a second wash in cold water to lower the temperature of the coffee cherries to 16-18 Deg. Cel. where the coffee cherries undergo a Thermal Shock. Afterwards coffee cherries are placed in sealed plastic containers to initiate anaerobic fermentation. During the anaerobic fermentation, beer yeasts type Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain T58 yeast was added, which is used for the improvement of profiles in the beer brewing industry. The proportion used was 1:5, (1 gram x 5 kg of cherry) in active dilution at 35°C, the solution was added to the cherry by spraying and left in the conditioning and multiplication stage for 80 hours.

Finally after this process the cherries are taken to mechanical drying for 1 day (to dehydrate as much water as possible without harming flavor and complexity) and then it is taken for raised beds to continue drying for another 12 days.

The first sip of this exquisite coffee floods your senses with a burst of fruity flavors. Imagine the sweet taste of ripe strawberries and the tropical aroma of juicy lychee, combined with the velvety richness of cacao and the subtle sweetness of peach. And just when you think it can’t get any better, the warm, golden tones of wild honey appear, rounding out the experience with a perfect touch of sweetness. But this coffee isn’t just about flavor – it’s also got a bright, lively acidity that makes every sip a tantalizing treat for your taste buds. And the finish is nothing short of spectacular – long, lingering, and full of complex, nuanced notes that leave you craving more.

If you’re a coffee lover who’s always searching for something special, look no further than this magnificent coffee from Colombia’s Finca El Diviso farm. It’s a truly exceptional brew that’s sure to delight your senses and leave you with a lasting impression.

The Sidra variety is the crossing of two of the greatest varieties in the coffee industry, namely Red Bourbon and Typica. It is called a hybrid variety because it brings together the best elements of the two parents.

Crossbreeding coffee varieties is nothing new. Farmers and laboratories have been crossing new varieties for several years, but the goal is usually to create better yields. Perhaps they want to combine the disease resistance of one variety with the high yield of another to make a fertile, reliable new variety.

But the process doesn’t always have to happen in the lab. Nature itself has been doing it for centuries, and the great number of varieties are far from being explored. One can also never be 100% sure exactly where a particular subspecies comes from.

The Sidra belongs to the naturally crossed hybrid varieties. It probably originated in Ecuador, and fortunately it brings together the strengths of Red Bourbon and Typica. Typically, Sidra coffees have a full sweetness balanced with a crisp acidity. This balance of flavors makes Sidra a popular, highly talented variety that has also seen much success in barista competitions.