Acaia Pearl Scale

Akaya’s first product. The Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now preferred by leading baristas and coffee shops around the world. The design parts and processors provide a clean and precise brewing experience. In order to improve and refine your brewing abilities, Akaya offers several apps so that you can track, save, and optimize your coffee brewing. The black version features a brighter LED display to provide better contrast while working.

1 year full warranty. See warranty conditions below.

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Warranty conditions:
The warranty for the product is for technical faults that were not caused by a fall, breakage, damage from unreasonable use or water penetration in the lower part of the weighing unit.
Do not wash the product with water, but only wipe with a damp cloth. In any case of water entering the internal assembly as a result of falling into a basin full of water, please turn off the scale and contact us for consultation.