Shipping & Returns

It is priority #1 for us that orders from our website get the best service and that’s the way we’d want it when ordering our coffee online. The experience should be just like if you walk into any Nahat Coffee Shop. We want every purchase to be easy and smooth as our best roast. Our aim is to get your coffee in your cup as soon as possible 🙂

There are a few shipping options we offer

1. Free in-store pickup – from Nahat Cafe Dizengoff Square or Nahat Cafe Ha-Tachana. Do not go to pick-up without receiving an email informing you that the order is ready. A customer who arrived without the email confirmation – will not receive his order.
2. Free shipping – on purchases over NIS 200.
3. Home Delivery – 4-8 business Days: ₪35.

Our delivery times

Gush Dan up to 4 business days
The rest of the country up to 6 business days
Exceptional areas up to 8 business days
(Encircling Gaza, Midrash Ben Gurion and south, the Golan Heights, Eilat, the Arabah, and the Dead Sea)

Attention! Orders placed on Thursday after 2 pm will only be processed on Sunday.


We don’t accept returns on coffee but if you have a serious problem with your coffee order, or merchandise purchased, please send us an email to or contact us on the business WhatsApp and we will be happy to help!