Special Edition: Aramosa


Arabica/50% Less Caffeine/Light Roast/Anaerobic natural Process/Black Plum, Raspberries, Raisin and Dark Chocolate
Aramosa is a very unique varietal: a crossbreed between Coffeea Arabica and Coffeea Racemosa (a heirloom Coffeea species). The Aramosa beans usually have a lower caffeine index than regular Arabica beans and present very floral aromatics. This washed lot presents flavors of black plum, raspberries, raisin and dark chocolate.

With 50% less caffeine that most coffee beans, this works well as an evening brew or if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

Harvesting: Selective Mechanical
Process: Anaerobic natural
Sorting: Size, Density and Electronic Penta-chromatic
Packing: Penta-box