Nicaragua El Bosque Catuai Anaerobic Honey

Arabica/Specialty Coffee/Anaerobic Honey Process/Direct Trade/Dried Apricot, Milk Chocolate and Caramel Sweetness

This coffee is really special. I know we say that about all our coffee but you must try this. El Bosque Farm has been owned for 4 generations by the family of Julio and Octavio Peralta, who have been growing coffee in their family for almost 100 years. Only in 2008 did they start looking for ways to market their specialty coffee directly and in the specialty market that appreciates cleanliness, special flavors and processing quality they found themselves right at home. This is the second year of our joint work with the Peralta brothers and this plot impressed us very much of all their plots we tasted this year and it consists of only yellow and red ketua variety and what attracted us during the tasting are the special flavors created following the processing.

This coffee undergoes a processing process called anaerobic honey – the fruit is washed and laid whole for a day and then lightly peeled while leaving most of the buoyancy on the beans, a process called honey processing (Honey). The beans are then placed in sealed containers for 56 hours for oxygen-free fermentation in barrels and from there spread out to air dry for another 19 days in a thin layer that is turned 3 times a day until the drying is complete. Thanks to the strictness of quality and control throughout the process from the beginning to the end, you get a special, meticulous and clean coffee in its flavors. With dried apricot flavors, caramel and milk chocolate this is a coffee piece we could not refuse and we are sure you will enjoy it very much.

Country: Nicaragua

Area: San Fernando, Nuevo Sagoria

Varieties: Catuai

Height: 1560

Processing: Anaerobic honey

Taste score: SCA 87

Flavor characteristics: dried apricot, milk chocolate and caramel sweetness

Balance: 7

Bitterness: 3

Fruitfulness: 7


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